Introduction of association members

Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association


The Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association (HKMMA) was established and registered on 15th December 1994 as a non-profit-making trade association. We aim to enhance the association among industry members, upgrade the production techniques and management capability, and strengthen the market competitiveness of the industry as a whole. By uniting industry members, HKMMA is also committed to safeguarding the common interests and promoting the industrial and social image of metals manufacturing industry. We currently have more than 600 member companies, whereas some of them are listed companies in Hong Kong with leading position among the industry. In order to facilitate communications and technological interchange among member companies, HKMMA regularly organizes study missions, factory visits, seminars and members' participation in related exhibitions. We also publish periodical publications and operate the association website. Moreover, the Association has been keeping in close contacts and maintaining good co-operation relationships with other trade and industrial organizations, professional bodies and related government departments in Hong Kong, the mainland and overseas, so as to voice out industry's concerns and opinions, and seek any necessary support for the development of metals manufacturing industry.

Besides, we also strive to enhance the sustainable and long-term development of the industry, therefore we recruited a number of local students who studying engineering or other engineering related programme in Hong Kong to become our student member. Through organizing various activities, we hope to drive more students to participate in the industry for their future. As at late 2014, we have already recruited over 200 student members.


1)    To safeguard the common interests and promote the public image of Hong Kong's metals manufacturing industry

2)    To enhance interaction and technology exchanges among members.

3)   To provide members with information on technology, management and marketing, and thereby strengthen the competitiveness in international marketplace.

4)    To establish contacts with the government, other industrial and trade organizations, and professional bodies.

5)    To establish connections and co-operations with metals manufacturing industry in the mainland and overseas.

6)    To co-ordinate with manufacturers in the mainland and overseas, and assist members in resolving problems on legal matters, property rights and business disputes.

7)    To plan, organize and sponsor related activities for the development of metals manufacturing industry.



Address:Flat A,10/F, Speedy Industrial Building, 114 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong,Kln, Hong Kong

PHONE﹕(852) 2429 6419 / (852) 2191 3381         

FAX﹕(852) 2429 8453




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