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The Hong Kong Printers Investment Association


The Hong Kong Printers Investment Association always keep the concept of  “Uniting the Printing Industry and setting a bridge of communication among members”.  HKPIA unite the Printing Industry, reflect the members comments, communicate with the Government and increase the environmental protection concept within the industry.  Although we experienced a lot of challenges, the Printing Industry becomes more united and co-operated than before.  We are glad to see the development of the HKPIA.  We deeply believe that if we can co-operate all-in-one, the Printing Industry will have a better future.

In the past few years, HKPIA developed the HKPIA Exchange Platform in order to reduce the production cost and the storage pressure so as to achieve the win-win target.

In the past, HKPIA put most effort in holding dinner party of every month. Thus, HKPIA members can join the assembly in order to get the updated Industrial Information.  Besides, members can exchange updated industrial and technical information. There are also technical co-operation among members, so as to develop a bridge and a platform for communication among members.

In the past few years, HKPIA held various Industrial Exhibition Tour including “ China Print 2013 in Beijing”, “All in Print 2014 in Shanghai”, and “The 15th Vietnam International Printing Exhibition 2015”.

Besides Exhibition Tour, HKPIA has hold various entertainment activities including Lamma Island 1-Day Tour, BBQ and Fishing Day, Tap Mun 1-Day Tour.  We hope that every members can have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities besides working time in order to strengthen their health.



*    To provide an communicative bridge between the Government and the Printing Industry in order to express the comments and requests of the Industry.

*    Communication among the Printing Industry members in order to request reasonable rights and interest of the Industry.

*    To concentrate the Printing Industrial Power and to set up an Information Communication Platform among the Industry in order to create investment and business opportunities.

*    To provide advising services and help Printing Company facing difficulties in the investment environment

*    To provide updated Industry Information and let members share the updated technological progress.

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